Everything You Need to Know About Squash @ Northfield

Everything You Need to Know About Squash @ Northfield

Here at Northfield, we are committed to growing the game of squash from the grassroots level by encouraging and mentoring new and existing members of all ages to the game. We offer programming for all ages and levels, and do our best to provide everyone with the opportunity to get started in squash, hone their skills, and compete in leagues and club tournaments. We believe squash should be fun, and that it’s the perfect sport for maintaining cardio health, agility, endurance, and overall wellness, no matter your age.

Junior Squash Programs

We recently redesigned our Junior Squash Programs, and have created a pathway to make it easy to begin and progress through our programs, based on skill level. We offer programming for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level junior players. You can view our Junior Squash Pathway for all the details about our Junior Squash Programs. Junior Program Sessions run seasonally, based on school terms. We are currently in the midst of our Fall session, but don’t worry, our Winter session will start in the new year!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Head Squash Pro, Jamie Hickox, at squash@northfieldclub.com.


Squash Orientation

Included in your membership, you have the opportunity to do a 30-minute squash assessment with our Head Squash Pro. During this session the pro will assess your skill level and tell you which programs are best for you, and can connect you with other players at a similar level to arrange matches with. If you’re interested in doing a squash assessment, please contact our Head Squash Pro, Jamie Hickox, at squash@northfieldclub.com.

Adult Squash Programs

We offer a variety of programming for adults, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. View our Adult Squash Pathway to see how our programs are structured, where you can start, and how you can progress. Keep reading for more information on our adult programming!

Fundamental Squash Program

Our Fundamental Squash Program is designed for beginners and players who are relatively new to squash who want to begin to develop fundamental skills of the game. The focus of this program is on building a solid technical foundation, with some attention to the basic tactics of the game.  Keep reading to learn more about the classes in this program.

Fundamental Clinic and Drills

This is a weekly program for those who are new to squash or have some experience and want to develop their skills. The main focus of this clinic is skill development. The supervising pro will help you develop the correct swing path for backhand and forehand, and basic shot selection through drills.

Fundamental Round Robin

This is a weekly session where you will have the chance to play with others at your level in a round robin format.

Learn to Train Program

The Learn to Train Program is for players who have had some experience with squash and are looking to improve and refine their skills and level of play. Technical skills are a focus, with stronger emphasis on tactical skills and movement on the court. These players are at a level where they are able to compete in club tournaments.

Intermediate/Advanced Drill Group

This is a weekly session for intermediate and advanced squash players. The focus is on the technical and tactical skills of the game, and movement on court through a series of drills.

Level 1 Round Robin

This weekly round robin is best suited to intermediate level players. This is a great way to play matches against other players at your level.

Train to Compete Program

The Train to Compete Program is designed for advanced players who want to hone their squash skills and can withstand a faster pace of game play. Many players in the stage are interested in competing in the A draw of club events and regional leagues and tournaments. 

Intermediate/Advanced Drill Group

This weekly class is for intermediate and advanced level squash players. The focus is on the technical and tactical skills of the game and movement on court. You will run through a series of drills that are designed to develop these skills.

Level 2 Round Robin

This weekly round robin is best suited to high intermediate to advanced level players. This is a great way to play matches against other players at your level.

Flex League

This league runs in 6-8 week sessions. Your name is placed in a box according to your level and you self-schedule matches with the other players in your box. After each match you write the score down on the squash bulletin board. This league is a great way for new members to meet other squash players at the club. The Flex League is included in the membership, so there is no additional cost to sign up!

Thunder Thursday

Thunder Thursday is Northfield’s squash house league. All levels are welcome to join this league. Over the course of 8 weeks our squash pro will set you up with level-appropriate matches, keeping in mind what times work best for your schedule. You can choose to play singles or doubles squash in this league.


We offer private and semi-private lessons for adults and juniors. These lessons are a great option because you can tailor them to your schedule and specific kinds of skills you’d like to work on. For more information about private and semi-private lessons, contact squash@northfieldclub.com. Go to our squash page to view lesson prices.

Court Time

We have five singles squash courts and one doubles court available for booking. With your membership you won’t have to pay any court fees to play squash! You can book courts online or with the Front Desk, up to one week in advance.

Tournaments & Events

One of the best ways to get involved in squash at Northfield is by participating in our tournaments! We host a number of squash tournaments and socials for adults and juniors throughout the year that are open to multiple levels. Keep an eye out around the club and on our social media for information about upcoming tournaments, or subscribe to our newsletter to get information about upcoming tournaments and events right in your email inbox!

If you’re interested or have any questions about our squash programming, don’t hesitate to contact our Head Squash Pro, Jamie Hickox (squash@northfieldclub.com).

If you’d like more information about membership go to our membership page! You can see membership pricing, book a tour of our facilities, or sign up for a 5-day free fitness trial.


Front Desk: 519-884-7020