Everything You Need to Know About Tennis @ Northfield

Everything You Need to Know About Tennis @ Northfield

Here at Northfield, the main focus of our tennis programming is to grow solid recreational level players by encouraging and mentoring players of all ages to the game. Players of all levels can benefit from the coaching skills of our talented team of tennis pros.

There are many elements that set us apart from other racquet facilities in Waterloo Region, such as up-to-date facilities, quality programming and pathways for adults and youth, personal focus, sense of community, as well as complementary fitness facilities and programs. We take pride in our programming and coaching, and in ensuring that members have options to get involved in tennis from the start.

Junior Tennis Programs

We recently redesigned our Junior Tennis Programs, and have created a pathway to make it easy to begin and progress through our programs based on skill level. We offer programming for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level players. You can view our Junior Tennis Pathway for all the details about our Junior Tennis Programs. Junior Program Sessions run seasonally, based on school terms. The Fall Session begins the week of Monday September 9th.

Tennis Orientation

Included in your membership, you have the opportunity to do a 30-minute tennis assessment with our Head Tennis Pro. During this session the pro will asses your skill level and tell you which programs are best for you and can connect you with other players at a similar level to arrange matches with. If you’re interested in doing a tennis assessment, please contact our Racquets Director, Joanna Phang, at joanna@northfieldclub.com.

Adult Tennis Programs

We offer a variety of programming for adults, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. View our Adult Tennis Pathway to see how our programs are structured, where you can start, and how you can progress. Keep reading for more information on our adult programming!

Fundamental Tennis Program

Our Fundamental Tennis Program is designed for beginners and players who are relatively new to tennis who want to begin to develop fundamental skills of the game. The focus of this program is on building a solid technical foundation, with some attention to the basic tactics of the game. This program is for players at level 2.0 or lower. Keep reading to learn more about the classes in this program.

Fast Track Tennis Workshop

Fast Track Tennis is a 4-week crash course on the basics of tennis for beginners. The focus is on skill development and the basics of the game: how to hold a racquet, hit the ball, and how to rally.

Fundamental Workshop

This is an ongoing weekly class that focuses on skill development. You will develop the correct swing path for backhand and forehand and learn basic shot selection for initial tactical awareness. This class is structured like a group lesson with an instructing pro.

Fundamental Playgroup

This class is a supervised round robin where you will be assigned rotating partners for game play throughout the session. The goal is to learn the rules for basic game play, with minimal instruction from a pro.

Learn to Train Program

The Learn to Train Program is for players who have had some experience with tennis and are looking to improve and refine their skills and level of play. Technical skills are a focus, with stronger emphasis on tactical skills and movement on the court. These players are at a level where they are able to compete in club tournaments. For level 2.0-4.0.

Workshop Level 1

For level 2.0-3.0. This weekly class focuses on technique, a variety of shot selection, and how to construct competitive point play. It is structured like a group lesson with an instructing pro.

Playgroup Level 1

For level 2.0-3.0. This weekly class is a supervised round robin where you will be assigned rotating partners for game play throughout the session.

Workshop Level 2

For level 3.0-4.0. This weekly class focuses on more advanced techniques like weight transferral,  improvement of tactical awareness and more advanced methods of play, ie: spin and volley.

Playgroup Level 2

For level 3.0-4.0. This weekly class is a supervised round robin where you will be assigned rotating partners for game play throughout the session.

Train to Compete Program

The Train to Compete Program is designed for advanced players who want to hone their tennis skills and can withstand a faster pace of game play. Many players in the stage are interested in competing in the A draw of club events and regional leagues and tournaments. For level 4.0 or higher.

Advanced Workshop

In this weekly class all areas of the game are covered – technical, tactical, movement, and endurance – with an instructing pro.

Advanced Invitational Playgroup & Men’s Playgroup

These weekly playgroups are run as a supervised round robins and are arranged by a pro.

If you feel like you can benefit from this level of workshop or playgroup, contact Joanna Phang (joanna@northfieldclub.com).


House League

This program is for players of all levels. You have the opportunity to play matches against other players at your level Mondays from 7-9:30 pm. This program runs throughout each season.

Flex League

This program is similar to our House League, but slightly more flexible. You’re responsible for scheduling your own matches based on what days and times work for you. You will play matches against other players at your level.

Program Schedule

We offer each of our programs at different times throughout the week. View our Tennis Program Schedule


We offer private and semi-private lessons for adults and juniors. These lessons are a great option because you can tailor them to your schedule and specific kinds of skills you’d like to work on. For more information about private and semi-private lessons, contact joanna@northfieldclub.com. Go to our tennis page to view lesson prices.

Court Time

We have seven indoor courts that are available for booking. We have three different court booking times Monday-Sunday: Early AM, Prime Time, and Non Prime-Time. You can view our court hours and court fees on our tennis page. You can book courts online or with the Front Desk, up to one week in advance.

Tournaments & Events

One of the best ways to get involved in tennis at Northfield is by participating in our tournaments! We host a number of tennis tournaments for adults and juniors throughout the year that are open to multiple levels. Keep an eye out around the club and on our social media for information about upcoming tournaments, or subscribe to our newsletter to get information about upcoming tournaments and events right in your email inbox!

If you’re interested or have any questions about our tennis programming, don’t hesitate to contact our Racquets Director, Joanna Phang (joanna@northfieldclub.com).

If you’d like more information about membership go to our membership page! You can see membership pricing, book a tour of our facilities, or sign up for a 5-day free fitness trial.


Front Desk: 519-884-7020