Active Start

ACTIVE START – 4- 6 years old (previously Nippers 5-7)

In the Active Start program children will be introduced to the basics of tennis: how to hold a racquet, how to hit the ball, and the use of hand-eye coordination.
They will use smaller racquets, mini-nets, and sponge balls.
The emphasis of this program is on having fun while learning the necessary basics to progress to the Get to Grips program.

Get to Grips - 6-9 yrs old

GET TO GRIPS – 6-9 years old

In the Get to Grips program children will build on the basics they learned in the Active Start program.
They will be introduced to essential tennis skills, such as how to move on the court, the ready position, and how to rally.
Children will use a soft ball on ½ court, with goal of progressing to ¾ court.

Red 1 (previously Nippers 8-9 & Munchkins):

children will learn more in-depth on the ready position, shots, technique, and hand-eye coordination that is essential to the game.
Will play on ½ court with a soft ball.
This is the perfect place to start if age 6-9 and a beginner.

Red 2 (previously Nippers 9-10):

The next step after Red 1. Children will continue to build on the development of basic skills, while learning how to rally to 10 and keep score.
They will learn about the different areas of the court, how to move on court, and the split step.

Stroke of Genius - 9-12 yrs old

STROKE OF GENIUS – 9-12 years old

In the Stroke of Genius program children will develop their skills from Red 1 and 2.
The emphasis of this program is on skill development, to help them build a strong technical base.
Children are introduced to competitive play without an emphasis on winning, to help further their skill development while having fun.
Children will use a low-compression ball, which assists the transition to full-court play.

Orange 1 (previously Nippers 10-11):

The next step after Red 2. Children will be introduced to playing with a harder ball on ¾ court and taught the importance of warm-up (stretching) and cool-down.
This is a good place to start if age 9-12 and a beginner.

Orange 2 (previously Junior Novice and Strokers):

The next step after Orange 1. Children will learn the basics of shot placement and the use of various grips.
They will develop their ability to rally with improved technique, and to serve consistently over the net.
They will also develop their footwork, court movement, and play while keeping score.

Smashing It - 11-16 yrs old

SMASHING IT – 11-16 years old

In the Smashing It program older children and teens will develop their skills on full-court with a green-dot ball, with the goal of transitioning to the regular ball.
The emphasis is on skill development and technique, with the opportunity to play competitive points.

Green 1 (previously Junior Novice & Strokers):

The next step after Orange 2. They will be introduced to competitive points and the weight transferal method.
This is a good place to start if age 11-16 and a beginner.

Green 2 (previously Junior Intermediate):

Players will transition to a regular tennis ball. Involves point play, an understanding of on-court movements, and the development of tactical play.
This class is best suited for players who are looking to continue to a higher level of play.

Master the Court – 15-21 yrs old

MASTER THE COURT – 15-21 years old (previously Junior Advanced)

This class is part of our high-performance tennis program.
Master the Court players have chosen to specialize in tennis and work to optimize their athletic capacities: technical, tactical, physical, and mental. The training regimes for this program are more intense, with the aim of preparing players for competition.
Involves full-court play with a regular ball.
Includes 3 hours on court and 1 hour of dryland training per week.
Please contact our Head Tennis Pro ( before signing up for this program, as an assessment might be required. Participants must be members to join this program.

Stars indicate the entry-level class for each program.
Contact our Head Pro ( if you have any questions